Thanks so much for taking a peak into my photography world!

Photography found me almost twenty years ago and ive been hooked ever since. Its taken me across the globe on photojournalistic expeditions (Africa, India, and Europe) that im still in awe of today. And its taken me into the world of publishing with years in magazine and commercial shooting. It has also brought me into the lives of many of you, documenting those beautiful milestones and precious faces in your lives and celebrating along side of you as well! I truly LOVE what i do. I get to capture life.

Photography allows me to freeze those moments that would otherwise be fleeting. Whether its a precious, squishy cheeked one week old baby, a nervously  excited bride, a high school senior anticipating graduation or the last photo that captures your seven year old son with all of his baby teeth- these are the moments that make up your life!  As a mother of three kiddos, i know how treasured these moment are. Let me capture them for you.


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Degree in photojournalism from Arkansas State University 2002